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Established in 2013, Innozone is responsible for managing all retail and wholesale perfume, and service operations within Colombo, reaching hundred of customers who ordered, depart or transit through our online or email orders. Offering an array of lowest prices, luxury perfumes and cosmetic items as well, and theme-based store, Innozone provides an outstanding 24 hour a day online/email orders and fragrance experience with a selection of best-selling cosmetics and skincare and cosmetics, Innozone also holds a regular offers and discount the regular customer. We hope that you enjoy the products we have on offer and that you get chance to express yourself next time you connect through Innozone.

Johnson’s soap, Fa soap, Classic white soap, Papaya nature soap, Body lotion , Body wash , Sun cream, Body powder, Night cream, Oral care, Moisturizer , Shampoo, Styling cream, Hair gel, Conditioner, Makeup tools, Nail polish, Lipstick, Mascara, Bath & shower gels, Body moisturizers, Roller balls, Musk by Ashley perfume, Boos Perfume, Passy Perfume, Charle Perfume, Blue Girl Perfume, Sweet Love Perfume, Morris Perfume, Only for Lady Perfume , Royal Marriage Perfume, Camellia Perfume, Boss Perfume, Azzaro Perfume, One Man Show Perfume, Body Shampoo, Musk Body Spray, Dynamic for Men Body Spray, Roll on, Lip Balm, Shower Gel, Men’s Cologne, Body Cream, Eau De Colognes.

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Address: Hospital Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala

Phone: 777228225
Fax Number: 777228225
Business Hours: 8am-5pm
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